ARiNA speaker GALAXY Blue

A speaker designed to bring music to the center of your life. Seamlessly integrating into the home and its surrounding, ARiNA is sure to make a statement not only in sound but in style. Its sleek distinctive form provides 360 degrees quality music while positioning the speakers to spread perfect sound waves evenly across the room. Party and work hard with ARiNA’s Hands-free, converting it also into a conference hub.

GALAXY COLLECTION adds a kick to the interior atmosphere. Loud covers to complement loud sound, these covers are sure to impress and spark conversation.

     • Bluetooth - quality 4.0 connection
     • Power Station - Internal cable to charge your devices
     • Pure 360° - Full-range omnidirectional sound
     • Easy - 1 button setup and auto connect
     • Portable - Battery for over 10 hours playback
     • Customizable - Interchangeable fabric covers
     • Hidden - Keyhole for easy wall mounting
     • Concealed - 66cm USB-Type A to USB-Mini and 3 meter fabric cable

         • ARiNA speaker body
         • ARiNA cover BLUE GALAXY
         • Black USB to USB-Micro cable 3 meter
         • Red USB to USB-Micro cable 66 cm
         • Instruction and Warranty booklet



                     Risk-Free return policy*
                     One-Year warranty**




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